Benzene Reduction Unit - 2,200 TPD

Benzene Reduction Unit - 2,200 TPD
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Benzene Reduction Unit - 2,200 TPD
STOCK# 356
Capacity 2,200 TPD

Used 2,200 TPD Benzene Reduction Unit built in 2006. The Benzene Reduction Unit is designed to receive fresh charge to the Platformate Splitter which is stabilised Platformate from the Continuous Catalytic Reformer Processing Unit. The unit is capable of processing 2200 metric tons per day of Platformate (reformate) product, such that the finished product of light and heavy Platformate streams are suitable blending components for the production of low Benzene (=0.5 lv%) gasoline.

Major Equipment
Platformate splitter
Make-up gas knochout drum and guard bed
Saturation reactor
Steam desuperheater
Closed hydrocarbon drain pump

Light and Heavy Platformate

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