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Sell Your Used Process Equipment

Whether you have a complete process plant that you are looking to sell or you have surplus equipment, you’ll have several sales options available with Phoenix Equipment which you can learn more about below. We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources available to make a quick sale at the greatest convenience to you. Complete our short form below to get in contact with a Phoenix representative and receive a quick and fair quote for your equipment.

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Selling Options for Complete Plants

Outright Plant Purchase

Phoenix acquires the plant, agreeing to dismantle the plant and leave you with a broom clean area by a specific date. We either sell the plant for relocation in its entirety or liquidate it for its individual components. Depending on the deal structure, we can share sales revenue after hitting certain milestones.

Brokerage for Complete Plants

Brokerage is also an option if you wish to sell your complete plant. We offer two brokerage scenarios: Act as an Exclusive Marketing Agent. Phoenix obtains for a specified period the exclusive right to sell the plant. Act as a Non-Exclusive Marketing Agent. Under this scenario, we’ll simply list your process plant within our inventory. You are free to sell the plant through other channels.

Selling Options for Equipment

Outright Equipment Purchase

Similar to complete process plants, you can also sell us your process equipment. In an outright equipment purchase, we make a cash offer after receiving information or inspecting equipment. If you accept our offer, we’ll arrange for pick-up at your convenience. We can also handle removing the equipment if necessary. This is the quickest way to sell your surplus equipment and put working capital in your pocket almost immediately.

Brokerage for Equipment

If you can continue to store the equipment and can wait to sell it, your best option may be to list your equipment with us. We will help you obtain the highest return on your investment with a free listing. We’ll only require a few importance pieces of information from you, including: equipment specifications, your asking price and photos. We will then enter the equipment in our inventory and market it to our customers. Any negotiations and payment collections will be handled by us, and we also oversee the transport and removal processes.


Outright Purchase and Liquidation

Phoenix Equipment acquires your surplus plant or machinery and then executes a liquidation or auction as a principal – taking all risk to sell the assets. We can share revenue after certain sales milestones are achieved. We manage the entire process: cataloguing, marketing, negotiating, payment collections, item removal and transportation.

Liquidation or Auction as a Broker

Under this scenario, Phoenix Equipment manages a liquidation or auction of your surplus plant or machinery on a fee basis. In most cases, we can even guarantee a minimum return. We manage the entire process: cataloguing, marketing, negotiating, payment collections, item removal and transportation.

What We Buy

Chemical Process Equipment

We buy and sell over 40 categories of chemical process machinery such as centrifuges, dryers, evaporators, fermenters, filters, heat exchangers, homogenizers, mills, mixers, pressure vessels, reactors, and tanks.

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

We buy and sell complete plants and process units to produce various chemicals, including fertilizers, syngas, petro-chemicals, plastics and resins, cryogenic/industrial gases, fibers, pigments, chlor-alkali and derivatives, surfactants, specialty chemicals, and more.

Pharmaceutical Process Equipment

We buy and sell machinery and equipment from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage processing industries such as bio-reactors, chilsonators, fitzmills, lyophilizers, tablet presses and more.

Refinery Units

We buy and sell complete refinery processing units, including alkylation, amine gas treating, catalytic cracking, desulfurization, hdydrocracking, isomerization, sulfur recovery, tail gas treating, and vacuum distillation units.

Gas Processing Equipment

We buy and sell complete gas processing plants designed for amine treatment, co2 removal, cryogenic, fractionation, gas conditioning, glycol dehydration, h2s removal, natural gas liquids (ngl) recovery, natural gas sweetening, and refrigeration.

Power Plants & Equipment

We buy and sell power generation plants and equipment including gas turbine generators, steam turbine generators (condensing and non-condensing), cogeneration power plants, heavy fuel oil fired power plants, and waste and biomass fired power plants.