Briquetters for Sale

凤凰设备有大量库存的使用,未使用,和翻新的煤块. We also have Roller Compactors and Chilsonators in stock.

Buying & 销售使用的压块设备和机器

凤凰器材公司买卖二手物品, 未使用和翻新的煤球, manufactured by: Komarek Greaves, Puckmaster, CF Nielsen, RUF GmbH & Co, Bepex, Allis-Chalmers, Koppern, Hutt, SKB, ferrotech等. 我们购买和销售所有型号,包括以下“Komarek B型, Komarek DH Model, Komarek Laboratory Roller Model, Puckmaster LTL Pucker Series, Puckmaster 225 Series, Puckmaster 275 Series, Bepex MS Roll Compactors. We have the right briquetting equipment in production and pilot scale sizes for various applications such as: wood/non-wood biomass; metal; sludge recovery; scrap metal; fines; and dry briquettes. 压块机可用于化学制品, mining, 非金属和金属矿, 碎木及金属刨花加工工业. 成型炉的典型应用是石膏加工, charcoal processing, potash processing, maleic anhydride processing, tungsten processing, coal processing, kaolin processing, salt processing, water treatment chemicals, refractory material processing, metallic ore processing, barite processing, wood shavings processing. Generally, 我们提供的煤气炉包括液压的, spring loaded and mechanical rolls, double and quadruple rolls, 袋装或光滑面辊和分段或单件辊.

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